[Loadstone] Stuck on exploration mode

Ari Moisio arimo at iki.fi
Sun May 27 20:45:35 BST 2012

Hi developers

This is an old issue but  it  he again today and almost get myself lost.

It is too easy to enter an exploration mode and it is too har hard to get 
out of it. It is also not obvious at least for the beginner even to notice 
that the e-mode is on.

Some  fixes that might help:

- Select after search or show area should not enter e-mode but rather do 
something less harmful or simplu close the result dialog. For example 
reporting distance and direction to highlihted item would be useful.

- E-mode should at least give a warning when  user moves or preferably 
turn automatically off.

- Cursor keys and select  has to do something sensible at the exploration 
mode. On worst case (withc happened today) they just repeate the result of 
previous  announcemet - arrivat to a locked point. They could for example 
act same way as in navigation mode or at least give a warning about 
exploration mode.

mr. M01510 & guide Loadstone-GPS
Lat: 62.38718, lon: 25.64672
hkp://wwwkeys.pgp.net B784D020
0C1F 6A76 DC9D DD58 3383 8B5D 0E76 9600  B784 D02

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