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rj rjonav at xs4all.nl
Thu May 24 11:26:55 BST 2012

Hello Ari,

I am using the netherlands in one lsdb file with 400000 points and that
works fine.
Is there a max db file size that still works nicely?

What other information than POI's and intersections does your homemade
converter process into the database?
One of the things I am missing is the street you ar walking in. When the
streets are curved like in the center of Amsterdam the nearest point and
the point at 12 and 6 oclock often are  not part of the street your are
walking on.


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Hello Milos

I have used country files either from Cloudmake or Geofabrik and even
are quite big. I have splitted them up to approximately one county per 
file and this will produce .lsdb files  varying from 1000 to 60000
I use home-made converter that will transfer a bit more information
just the crossings and pois.

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  Milos Przic kirjoitti>  Hi all,
> Has anyone used the planet.osm file and try to divide it or convert
the hole file? I ask because when I had too many nodes on the osm site
it told me to either make the search area smaller or to download
planet.osm. So has anyone tried it?
> Thanks to all in advance, and best regards!
>          Milos Przic
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