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Abdul Basit zps098 at gmail.com
Mon May 14 20:32:54 BST 2012

hi friends now you can join my new group for all blind friends 
to subscribe send a blank email to
blind-pbct-subscribe at yahoogroups.com
note: gmail users please check the spam foulder for conformation maile
 the purpose of this group is to share the talent  of the blind community  .
 what ever  you have an interesting stuph you have, like music, mobile, and computer softwares.
 in this group, you can share any problem regarding   computer, internet  and mobile.
i would like to request you all, please share the information  about this group to blind community 
 if you have any problum regarding  this group then you can any time contact  us 
 owner   of this group
 Abdul Basit  

zps098 at gmail.com
of this group 
Moin Khan

moin.chamber1 at gmail.com

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