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Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Fri Jun 29 23:13:55 BST 2012

The problem you're having is what happens when you have a detailed map with 
more than just street intersections in it. In that case you get told about 
things that may or may not be important.
It should be possible to put in a selection filter on the point share site, 
at least for points tagged as amenities. This would help somewhat but it'll 
all depend on how well the points are tagged.
If you're trying to work with osmosis and postgresql checkout: 
This blog entry has a lot of good information about how to load an osm file 
in to a postgresql database. Without this information I think my system 
would still be trying to load all the data in to the database.

On Fri, 29 Jun 2012, rj wrote:

> Hi List, Shawn,
> I have downloaded the  osm poi's from the Loadstone point share site and
> the site works very nice.
> I have imported them into my phone. The osm intersections for the
> netherlands were already there.
> In using I ran into the problem that all recycling containers,
> wastebaskets artworks playground and so on are mapped.
> So I often ended up between a nameless wastebasket, recycling, drinking
> water, artwork or playground. And as they are everywhere they dont give
> you any clue to where you are.
> The result is it often doesn't tell you anymore that you are i.e. at
> intersection "Dam X Rokin" but that you are at wastebasket because that
> thing is closer to you.
> So it is essential to be able to select the kind of poi's you want to
> add.
> I think I would first try only the bus and tram stops, supermakert and
> cafe/restaurants to see how that works.
> I hope you can add this functionality to the poi share site.
> I myself am still strugling with Osmosis and Postgresql trying to
> understand how to do this job on an .osm file.
> Robert
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> Hello list.
> I wanted to let you all know about updates that have been made to the
> Loadstone point share database. The point share was recently moved to a
> new
> server and with this move came a few upgrades. The two major upgrades
> are:
> the get points by civic location function should now work propperly.
> Previously there were problems with this in some browsers but hopefully
> these have now been fixed. This function will also now work in browsers
> that
> do not support javascript or have javascript disabled.
> The other major upgrade is we now can include openstreetmap data in the
> point share database. We have a local mirror of the entire
> openstreetmap
> database so this data can be selected as a source when exporting. When
> exporting data there's now an option to select the data source. This can
> be
> point share and openstreetmap (the default), point share only, or
> openstreetmap only. This means that you do not need to download data
> from
> openstreetmap and use any tools to convert to loadstone format.
> At the moment the openstreetmap data only includes points of interest
> (pois)
> street intersections are not included. Intersections will be included
> when I
> figure out how to make the database calculate these. If anybody has any
> information on how to do this let me know.
> There have also been minor tweaks to the user interface to hopefully
> make
> things a bit more user-friendly.
> The point share system is still being worked on so feal free to report
> any
> problems you may experience or any suggestions about how things can be
> improved.
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