[Loadstone] Final version of loadstone gps

Kamil Midzio zombie at tkdami.net
Sat Jun 16 14:15:26 BST 2012

W dniu 15/06/2012 22:13, Shawn Kirkpatrick pisze:
> The next version will include support for fifth edition phones (mainly 
> being able to run on them, nothing has been done with the touch interface

Well i am using Nokia n8 with ls 0.74 and everything is alright. I have 
got dialogue throw instalation proces, tells, that aplication is not 
compatible with phone. But Program works properly with talks, and 
comfortable with Mobile speak. I think about talks version 5.30.2 and 
Mobile speak 5.7.
It's a good idea to support magnetic compas in ls.
Best regards. Kamil.

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