[Loadstone] Announcing satellites

JULIE PHILLIPSON jbrew48 at verizon.net
Sun Jun 10 01:00:54 BST 2012

it takes it a minute to connect to the saddle lights when it loses the 
connection it will say no saddle lights or if you press the number 7 key it 
will tell you how many saddle lights it can make a connection too.Once it 
establishes a connection it will work.
Julie Phillipson

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Subject: [Loadstone] Announcing satellites

> Hi Sean,
> Why is my Loadstone on my Nokia n82 using the internal gps regularly
> announcing "Attention no satellites" and then one minute later announcing
> "Attention 7(or whatever)  satellites"?
> I don't understand why "no sats" and then seconds later quite a number of
> sats found.
> This can be quite annoying.
> Kind regards and thanks to all the team.
> Aedan O'Meara.
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