[Loadstone] some suggestions and doubt help me please!]

rj rjonav at xs4all.nl
Fri Jun 8 09:45:21 BST 2012

2 things:
1. The export function does not work, There was a posting with another
server but I can't find it. But that still can only handle very small
areas. The center of Amsterdam is already too big for it.
I posted a mini howto below earlier. see below (with a little update)

2. It would be handy if the list archive was searchable.
Or if there was a wiki to put it in.
Is the mailadress that you have to use in the conversion only used to
identify between own points and those of others?
In other words could there be made a server with ready ls database files
from osm files? A bit like the http://download.geofabrik.de/osm/ server?
It is a pity that such very usefull tools are only accessible for the
blind that are digital experts because good manuals and howto's are

From:  rj <rjonav at xs4all.nl>
To: loadstone at loadstone-gps.com
Subject: mini HOWTO osm & Loadstone
Date:  04/29/2012 12:50:44 PM

Hello list,
The online tool and the download tool from the ls site to convert osm
file to ls file did not work. It looks as if the script expects another
file tree than is in the package.
So you will have to get your hands dirty with commandline.
Here is a little 


you can  download the .osm datafile from one of these servers


Unpack the downloaded file so you have an .osm file.

I haven't tried to split the files further. You need for example the
osmosis utility, more information at
Now you need the  commandline tool to convert the .osm file to ls file:

under Linux:
 download the source  with the svn command from:

run the osm.py script from it. 
        $python osm.py --help 
this wil produce the manual
--- UPDATE : the next error did not reproduce itself, the log file was
nicely written in my home directory---
(When you start converting you will get a  ofileprmission problem for a
log file, it wants to write it to /usr ,  cd to an usb drive, run the
script from there and it will write the log file there, that way you
dont have to run the script as root.)

under Windows:
download the .exe from

Install Python, a programming language. o
(if you got the normal 32bit Windows)

More info about Python at http://www.python.org/

after you have installed this in a command promt run
      $  osm.exe -h

this will produce the manual for osm.exe so you can see what options you
need and the exact syntax for your command.

Now put the file on your phone and import it in Loadstone.

I converted the Netherlands with it under linux. The osm file was 10GB,
it took 2 hours to convert.
Import the resulting Ltos database into LS on your phone (it took an
The ls file with only intersections was 28Mb.
And it works nicely.

Hope this helps

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