[Loadstone] Loadstone on Nokia C5

rj rjonav at xs4all.nl
Fri Jun 8 08:27:38 BST 2012

No, I can go go on in exploratiemode.
My databse is big, all the intersections in The netherlands, 400,000
Maybe there are too few points in your database it keeps looking in a
narrow band in the asked direction.
When I walked along a lake and asked for point at 3 oclock that would be
alt least 16 km away, it took some 30 seconds before it came up with a
point at 5 oclock on 2 km distance. But this was in navigation mode.

I am using the C5-00.2 with the 5mp camera and 256 Mb RAM.

Do you use the build in aGPS? I can't get it to work altough I have
internet access.
The phone produces a fix every 10 minutes or so. I am using a Bluetooth
gps. The phone does not have wifi, so it cant use that info to make the
posiiton more accurate.
How good is the build in aGps?


From: 	Rob Hill <robhill at es.co.nz>
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Subject: 	[Loadstone] Loadstone on Nokia C5
Date: 	06/07/2012 10:08:27 PM

Hello list, 

Two questions for other Nokia C5 users: 

1.  Speech freezes in exploration mode after three or four
points have been explored.  The beeps are heard immediately on the key
press, but speech takes up to a minute to report the discovered
point.  My database is small, with only 20 points or so.  Does anyone
else have this problem, and have they found a way round it?  I am
using the free Nokia screen reader. 

2.  Ari, if you were to re-assign the shift key, which key would you
assign it to? 



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