[Loadstone] some suggestions and doubt help me please!!

Timy Sebastian Ettumanoor timyseba at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 13:54:11 BST 2012

respected sir!!! thanks for your quick reply.

after red the instruction, I open the geocoder  and fill all of the boxes 
and submit for result.

Then I got the information:

Click on one of the links below to download points around the requested 
location from the OpenStreetMap project.

Run the resulting file through the 'OpenStreetMap converter' on the Tools 
page to obtain a Loadstone GPS database.

When using the second link, on the OSM site click on the 'export' link, on 
the next page select 'XML data' and click 'download'.

Be patient, it can take a while before the download windows appear.

Retrieve OpenStreetMap Data (direct download).

but, when I click the first link for download I got the message:

cannot  find server.

But while clicking the second link, it is telling me to download Indian map 
or something.

dear sir, please tell me,  from where can I download the exact result???

expecting your answer soon.

with regards,

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> You really need to read the loadstone documentation to get the most out of 
> loadstone. All the questions you asked are answered there. At the moment 
> there is no audio tutorial for loadstone. This might not be a bad idea 
> thoe, anyone want to volunteer to do this?
> On Tue, 5 Jun 2012, Timy Sebastian Ettumanoor wrote:
>> dear loadstone developers and other friends!!!! iam timy sebastian from 
>> kerala- india.
>> reasondly I could know about the loadstone product and very much 
>> interested for using it.
>> but unfortunately, my mobile  model is e63, it  doesn't have in built GPS 
>> receiver.
>> So,  I would kindly requesting u to add another option that is find the 
>> nearest network and announce without any GPS receiver that is depend up 
>> on our mobile connection , while releasing a new loadstone product.
>> not only that, iam having some doubt regarding with our loadstone 
>> software they are:
>> 1. after I got the loadstone result from the website how can I download 
>> accessible format to my mobile??
>> 2. will loadstone  announce the place automatically instead of adding 
>> manually??
>> 3. where I can find the loadstone audio tutorial especially useful for 
>> beginners??
>> 4. what is the use of playing memo and recording memo, and how can I use 
>> it?
>> hope the knowledgeable people will respond soon.
>> thanks  in advance your dearest friend,
>> Timy.
>> skype ID: timyseba
>> email ID:
>> timyseba at gmail.com.
>> mobile: (09745179384)
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