[Loadstone] some suggestions and doubt help me please!!

Timy Sebastian Ettumanoor timyseba at gmail.com
Tue Jun 5 12:00:23 BST 2012

dear loadstone developers and other friends!!!! iam timy sebastian from kerala- india.

reasondly I could know about the loadstone product and very much interested for using it.

but unfortunately, my mobile  model is e63, it  doesn't have in built GPS receiver.

So,  I would kindly requesting u to add another option that is find the nearest network and announce without any GPS receiver that is depend up on our mobile connection , while releasing a new loadstone product.

not only that, iam having some doubt regarding with our loadstone  software they are:

1. after I got the loadstone result from the website how can I download accessible format to my mobile??

 2. will loadstone  announce the place automatically instead of adding manually??

3. where I can find the loadstone audio tutorial especially useful for beginners??

4. what is the use of playing memo and recording memo, and how can I use it?

hope the knowledgeable people will respond soon.

thanks  in advance your dearest friend,


skype ID: timyseba

email ID:

timyseba at gmail.com.

mobile: (09745179384) 
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