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Ari Moisio arimo at iki.fi
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First you have to connetct the gps. I cannont remember if that phone mode 
has internal gps. You have to to enable the location technoloyg from 
phone's settings.  Enalbel exterlan bluetoot, internal if availabe and 
netwrork based. if you're concerned about data costs don't enable assisted 

Then start LS and look under options - gps - find and select suitable gps 
mode: internal if your phone has internal receiver or external if you have 
a separate receiver. Let the receiver wake up for couple minutes. LS will 
announce when the reciever is ready and a  a satellite fix.

Afther that   you can label some points and get  familiar what gps can do 
and can't do for. you. Labe some points at the familiar environment and 
try to locate them later with LS.

And,  ofcourse, have a look at the manual and ask here if you need more 

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  jignesh thakur kirjoitti> Dear friends,
> This is jignesh from Gujarat India.
> Recently I have bought nokia e5, and have installed loadstone. But
> after successfully installation I am not able to understand  anything.
> So please inform me how to start using loadstone application.
> Thanks in advance.
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