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Peter Lecky lecky_lists at nextra.sk
Thu Jul 19 15:00:38 BST 2012

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Hi Shawn,

DÅ?a 19. 7. 2012 1:01 Shawn Kirkpatrick  wrote / napísal(a):
> I hadn't thought of an inode quota, I've actually never hit this 
> problem. Do you have an old or small file system?
Yes, my homedir is on small filesystem which is probably my problem.
> Thanks for pointing out the problems with the documentation, I'll 
> have to fix that. The indirect expansion problem is interesting. I 
> think make is using /bin/sh as its shell so depending on what that 
> points to on your system you could get different behaviour than 
> expected. A couple reasons this didn't work for you could be: you 
> have an old version of sh installed, or you have a symlink for 
> /bin/sh that points to a not quite compatible shell. Debian and 
> ubuntu systems seem to point this to /bin/dash by default. In my 
> experience this causes no end of trouble, certain shell scripts 
> just won't work. Changing the symlink to point to /bin/bash just 
> makes things work. What distro and version are you running? Maybe 
> I'll have to include more notes in the documentation about other 
> distros.
Uhm this is strange. I have latest stable debian with GNU bash,
version 4.1.5(1). I will try to find the problem and write if i will
find something.
> On Wed, 18 Jul 2012, Peter Lecky wrote:
> Hi Shawn, I downloaded the package and ewerything works. I had one 
> problem with creation of simlinks in user's home dir, because of 
> inodes quota. Finally i created only one simlink ln -s 
> /usr/local/gnupoc gnupoc and it worked. Is there any reason why it 
> is necessary to create a simlink for each file and directory?
> There is one small inconsistency in compiling instructions:
> "running make without specifying any target will compile the
> program for all supported versions. This will create a .sis file
> for each version and a .sis file for third and fifth editions
> signed with your devcert." You have to run make sis after make
> without target to create sis files, make without targets only
> compiles the code.
> Some people should have problems with ! in {} in the Makefile. I 
> actually don't know why, but my bash don't likes indirect 
> expansion. :) I had to remove exclamations to be able to compile. 
> With best Peter D?a 18. 7. 2012 6:26 Shawn Kirkpatrick  wrote / 
> napísal(a):
>>>> I've updated the instructions for compiling loadstone in the 
>>>> latest code from subversion. I've also updated the needed 
>>>> symbian sdks. The file is now called 
>>>> symbian_gnupoc-2012-07-17.tar.gz and contains all the sdks 
>>>> needed for compiling. This file is around 1.8 gigs so please 
>>>> don't download it unless you really plan to compile
>>>> loadstone code.
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