[Loadstone] Compiling loadstone

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Thu Jul 19 00:01:00 BST 2012

Hi Peter,
glad to hear that things finally worked for you.
The reason for creating symlinks for all the files is that when the sdks 
compile programs they write files all over the place in the sdk directories. 
This can cause a few problems: if you have multiple users using the sdks 
then it's possible to get files overwriting each other. You also end up with 
a poluted sdk environment after a while since files from every project get 
left behind. Every user that wants to use the sdks has to have write 
permission to the sdk directories. If there's only one user of the sdks then 
this may not be a problem but it still makes it hard to keep a clean 
environment. I have no idea why symbian designed things this way, it makes 
no sence at all.
I hadn't thought of an inode quota, I've actually never hit this problem. Do 
you have an old or small file system?
Thanks for pointing out the problems with the documentation, I'll have to 
fix that.
The indirect expansion problem is interesting. I think make is using /bin/sh 
as its shell so depending on what that points to on your system you could 
get different behaviour than expected. A couple reasons this didn't work for 
you could be: you have an old version of sh installed, or you have a symlink 
for /bin/sh that points to a not quite compatible shell. Debian and ubuntu 
systems seem to point this to /bin/dash by default. In my experience this 
causes no end of trouble, certain shell scripts just won't work. Changing 
the symlink to point to /bin/bash just makes things work.
What distro and version are you running? Maybe I'll have to include more 
notes in the documentation about other distros.

On Wed, 18 Jul 2012, Peter Lecky wrote:

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> Hi Shawn,
> I downloaded the package and ewerything works. I had one problem with
> creation of simlinks in user's home dir, because of inodes quota.
> Finally i created only one simlink ln -s /usr/local/gnupoc gnupoc and
> it worked. Is there any reason why it is necessary to create a simlink
> for each file and directory?
> There is one small inconsistency in compiling instructions:
> "running make without specifying any target will compile the program
> for all supported versions. This will create a .sis file for each
> version and a .sis file for third and fifth editions signed with your
> devcert."
> You have to run make sis after make without target to create sis
> files, make without targets only compiles the code.
> Some people should have problems with ! in {} in the Makefile. I
> actually don't know why, but my bash don't likes indirect expansion.
> :) I had to remove exclamations to be able to compile.
> With best
> Peter
> D?a 18. 7. 2012 6:26 Shawn Kirkpatrick  wrote / napísal(a):
>> I've updated the instructions for compiling loadstone in the latest
>> code from subversion. I've also updated the needed symbian sdks.
>> The file is now called symbian_gnupoc-2012-07-17.tar.gz and
>> contains all the sdks needed for compiling. This file is around 1.8
>> gigs so please don't download it unless you really plan to compile
>> loadstone code.
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