[Loadstone] Exploration mode again

Ari Moisio arimo at iki.fi
Mon Jul 16 07:54:20 BST 2012


I'm not a ne user, i have red (and understood) the manual many times and 
i'm  extremely aware about  the difference between navigation and 
exploration mode but still the exploration mode is too easy to enter while 

Exploration mode should be considered as an advanced feature for those who 
can really benefit from it at the comfort of thei armchair.

IMO not  all users are even cabable to use exloration mode but only the 
basic navigation functions and get really screwed  when the unit starts 
behave on very strange way after one accidentally  too long keypress.

Remember that   out there thre are manyt things to concentrate and the gps 
application should be as easy  and reliable as possible. RTFM is very rude 
response to user's problems.  Remember that  user manual is only a 
documentation of user interface  desing mistakes:-)

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  Kit kirjoitti> Well, all I can say for new users, read the help manual and understand the
> difference of navigation and exploring mode. then you will never get lost or
> mixed. redefining the keys in my opinion won't help. There are so many other
> things to do in developing LS.
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> Hi Shawn
> My comments inline
>  Shawn Kirkpatrick kirjoitti> I don't know what screen reader you're using
> but normally in exploration mode
>> the cursor keys (the joystick) does nothing at all so should be silent if
>> pressed. This is because a 4-way key doesn't map well to the 8-way
>> directions
>> in exploration mode.
> I use Mobilespeak that will announnce content of the screen after keypress
> and small delay so pressing the cursor keys will repeat the old screen
> content. There is same issue with the shift key but that is not any  big
> problem when one gets used to it. This is not a bug of mspeak  but instead
> a feature.
> Of course if the arrow keys are user definable at the next version  thisl
> will solve the issue.
>> As for entering exploration mode, when it happens is pretty obvious: when
>> you
>> hit the key to activate it (usually 0) or select it from the menu. The
>> other
>> way it's entered is if you hit select on a point when in a search. This is
>> so
>> you can pick a point and then explore around it. Either way when it goes
>> in
>> to exploration mode it actually says "exploration mode" I'm not sure how
>> it
>> could be much clearer.
> If user for example presses the select button accidentally too long LS
> will enter next time in a exploration mode. Also single announcement about
> mode change could be easily missed on a noisy environment. Or user just to
> forget to close the search result and press enter later to find the
> nearest point. There  so many iissues user have to concentrate when
> walking around.
> I'm especially worried about newbies that wouldn't be aware of each
> mode change and will probably even not use exploration mode  at first. It
> really requires training to get used with it and when youre lost somewhere
> thats not the best time to start learning it.
> E-mode is nice to have in the coach when learning  some environment but i
> have very rarely used it in the move. Searching  nearest or named points
> had been been enough for me. In  fact only time i use the e-mode on the
> move is when i use my route calculator that calculates the route from my
> current location to e-mode location.
>> On Fri, 8 Jun 2012, Ari Moisio wrote:
>>> Hi
>>> I got again lost because of the accidental exploration mode. Would it be
>>> possible to have entereint that mode a bit harder. I cannto even think
>>> about sitiuation when a newbie  gets totally lost with taht mode: for
>>> example pressingt  any of the cursor keys just repeats last announce in
>>> the
>>> screen. Even it would help if the arrow keys would exit from exploration
>>> mode or  as a bare minimum operate same way as in navigation mode.
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