[Loadstone] About mmap import

Ari Moisio arimo at iki.fi
Mon Jul 9 06:38:52 BST 2012


When  OSM data becomes more importat source of map information i'll 
suggest some improvements to the import function:

- A command to look for map database tatus: name of active database files, 
mark if some of them is an import destination. Percentage  of data 
imported so far. Name (and path from importexport) to the source file.

  An ability to mark a database as read-only thus preventing users to store 
their own data to imported databases.

A way to limit imported area with bounding box or preferably 
center/radius. This will enable user to have much larger source file and 
then quicly import only needed part of it.

- A relation between source  and database file: if the source file is 
updated the database could be update with single command, either importing 
new data into it or rebuilding it from scratch.

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