[Loadstone] Point Share

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Sun Jul 1 13:03:34 BST 2012

Hi rj.

Am 01.07.2012 10:12, schrieb rj:
> Hi list,
> I know LS wasn't designed for making a (detailed) map accessible for us.
> But to my knowledge it is the only program that makes OSM maps
> accessible. And even in its current state it is very usefull. I think
> there are 2 ways of makeing it even more usefull for osm maps.
> One way is trying to get the max out of the current program by adapting
> the map optimally for it.
Adapting the map is clearly wrong, as soon as the tweak towards 
loadstone produces wrong data in OSM.
I think, your second idea is the way to go - or a  third one: write a 
more sophisticated exporter to produce better results for loadstone out 
of the osm data (more about that later).
> The other is making changes to the program itself like Peter started to
> suggest. Here are some of my ideas for that:
> One of the things I miss is that LS can't tell you on which road you are
> walking and what the next intersection you encountier will be. Specially
> on curved roeds the nearest point and the 12 oclock return intersections
> that are on the other side of a canal or building.
Sure, but loadstone does not know anything about the building or the 
canal - except about the position - as a point. Something like "on the 
opposite side" is not possible to calculate out of that.
Enhancing loadstone to "fix" that, I guess, would be a great bunch of work.


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