[Loadstone] Point Share

rj rjonav at xs4all.nl
Sun Jul 1 09:12:54 BST 2012

Hi list,
I know LS wasn't designed for making a (detailed) map accessible for us.
But to my knowledge it is the only program that makes OSM maps
accessible. And even in its current state it is very usefull. I think
there are 2 ways of makeing it even more usefull for osm maps.

One way is trying to get the max out of the current program by adapting
the map optimally for it.

The other is making changes to the program itself like Peter started to
suggest. Here are some of my ideas for that:
One of the things I miss is that LS can't tell you on which road you are
walking and what the next intersection you encountier will be. Specially
on curved roeds the nearest point and the 12 oclock return intersections
that are on the other side of a canal or building.

Another idea is to map the points and roads to the touch screen so that
your position is in the middle of the screen and that when you move your
finger over the screen it lets you hear what is under your finger by
speaking it or makeing the sound for that map item. You know where your
finger is on the screen and where you 'are' on the screen so you can
make a mental picture of what is around you. (I posted this idea before
as 'audio-tactile map' in the accessibility at openstreetmap.org maling
list.) This would allow you to present the information of a detailed map
The current LS does already do this in a limited way with the navigation
keys, it is a map with 5 pixels. But because of this low resolution and
the inaccuracy of the gps position it didn't mention the Supermaket any
more when it was 5 meters in front of me but reported the parking a
short bit further.
For this features you would almost need to write a new program and start
a new (sub-) project.


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