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Hello Michael,

If you want a good Symbian phone without a touch screen, I would recommend 
the Nokia E72. I had one for several years and I think it's a very good 
device. It isn't one of the newest models, but it's pretty fast, and 
Loadstone runs very well on it.

It has a full qwerty keyboard on the front, below the screen. This is nice 
for Loadstone because you don't need to slide out the keyboard to use it. 
But the buttons are rather small, although you can easlily feel them, so you 
will have to try for yourself if you can handle them. I can type on this 
kind of keyboard very fast.


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> Please pardon a somewhat off-topic question.  I currently have a Nokia 
> N82. It is getting somewhat old and I will probably need to replace it at 
> some point.
> Touch screen phones seem to be a big deal now.  I have no sight.  I don't 
> find touch screens all that accessible.  Are there still good devices out 
> there that do not use touch screens?
> Thank You,
> Mike Hanson
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