[Loadstone] Convert points to checkpoints

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Tue Jan 17 13:24:04 GMT 2012

mmmm why would you like to do that? if you need points anounced the easiest 
thing is to toggle on the announcement of points. And its not really hard 
to check points anyway. If you want to try .. copy the file using F 
explorer in the phone and rename the coppy of the database to checkpoints 
without an extenssion, then load those as your checkpoints and see what 
happens? I unfortunaly shifted away from loadStone because I got an 
android phone and google maps seems to work quite nicely for voice 

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> Good day to all
> How can i convert all points in my database into checkpoints? is there
> such tool? there are hundreds of points in my database, don't have
> time to check them one by one on my phone
> Cheers
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