[Loadstone] LS, Nokia C5 and NSR

Ari Moisio arimo at iki.fi
Mon Feb 27 06:46:47 GMT 2012


For your information: LS works nicely with Nokia C5 wind it's free screen 
reader except for one thing: if the point name ends with a number the 
screen reader considers  all the numbers as a distance and report weird 
distances. For example  if address 'Examplestreet 20' is 50 meter ahead 
tts will read 'Examplestreet 2050 meter at 12 o'clock'.

I have solved this by putting a  colon at the end of each point name but 
it would be preferable if LS could have a user-definable separator char 
between point name and distance  notation. If user  has has  properly 
working screen reader the separatorn character could be defined as space.

Another, similar issue is that i have on my  maps a degree notation to 
indicate a curve in the road. NSR ignores the degree character and reads 
the angle and distance as  an one munber. There is also a risk on 
confusion if the number is  a civic number or curve because NSR doesn't 
read the degree character but i have to solve this issue myself.

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