[Loadstone] loadstone upgrades

ultraleetj at gmail.com ultraleetj at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 19:40:10 GMT 2012

I'm sorry, but the android I have has got pretty good accessibility and its 
also got great buttons. I know it is a lot of research to do before 
getting an android phone, but the sony erickson mini pro sk17 has a full 
keyboard with arrow keys, a selector key, one physical capacitive button 
that is in the middleof the other two buttons and is more stable than the 
second or third edition of the nokia phones. Plus, in a couple of montsh 
from now it will be upgradable to android 4.0, which will work with the 
explore by touch feature, in which touching the screen will voice 
everything. For now, I can use the calendar, set alarms, review the call 
log, have an amazing configurable caller ID feature, browse the web, 
instant message, take pictures is easily done, play music, fm radio, and 
some games work with it as well and are pretty accessible, the only thing 
that I cannot find that works really well is the gps, because nothing 
like loadstone has come along for android and then.. IOs does not have 
such a thing either. Plus I can always get more support from everyone. 
Nokia killing symbian was not the best thing to do, but even they moved 
away from the button phones and are starting to use touch screens. Some 
things are much easier, some are difficult, just like with any ordinary 
phone. Why not just let phones... make calls which that is what they 
originally were meant to do?  and best of all, I don't have to crack 
talks, or buy it for 250 dollars ETC, its all completely free with many 
other cheaper choices. Even the mobile speak suite for android costs at 
most 90 dollars. But still, no effective offline gps solution. If you can 
afford a data plan there is a great app called talking places and walkie 
talkie, which will retrieve google maps directions and voice them toyou. 
With the aid of other small utilities you can know speed, heading, ETC 
ETC . But those of us who simply do not want a data plan have to wait 
until google implements true offline navigatoin or loadstone gets running 
somehow on android (if it were java-based that can be done) . but I am 
afraid google wins.. and google is doing this all also, open source.

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