[Loadstone] about an app called Move assistant lite

Hrvoje Katić hrvojekatic at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 08:42:56 GMT 2012


When I search for MoveAssistant on the AppStore with my iPad, I don't 
get any results. I tried with 2 words and as 1 word multiple times, but 
no results.

On 4.12.2012. 8:06, Ömer Yeşiltaş wrote:
> Hi all, I found a loadstone equal application for İPhone and İPad 
> while  checking the appStore yesterday. The app tutorial says that 
> loadstone databases are compatible with the application and can be 
> used with it. It has many features like, where am i? weather, gps 
> info, recording and creating routes etc.
> I read and did what is written on:
> http://www.apps.tt.com.pl/virtualeye/moveassistant/tutorial_en.html
> to load a loadstone database but could not succeed. I syncronize the 
> database and try to activate on the app window, it says load started 
> but, the app closes suddenly. The database seems to be loaded when i 
> reopened it but it can not find anything even the gps is connected. Is 
> there anyone who uses this app? Or can anyone who has İPhone or İPad 
> try this app?
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