[Loadstone] about an app called Move assistant lite

Ömer Yeşiltaş yesiltas1981 at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 07:06:09 GMT 2012

Hi all, I found a loadstone equal application for İPhone and İPad while  checking the appStore yesterday. The app tutorial says that loadstone databases are compatible with the application and can be used with it. It has many features like, where am i? weather, gps info, recording and creating routes etc. 
I read and did what is written on:
to load a loadstone database but could not succeed. I syncronize the database and try to activate on the app window, it says load started but, the app closes suddenly. The database seems to be loaded when i reopened it but it can not find anything even the gps is connected. Is there anyone who uses this app? Or can anyone who has İPhone or İPad try this app?
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