[Loadstone] How to download osm file

rj rjonav at xs4all.nl
Thu Apr 26 20:53:45 BST 2012

Hello Paulo, Hello list,

I just installed ls on a Nokia C5-00.2 together with the free Nokia
I couldn-t download larger osm files either but the list came up with 2
servers where you could download them. (see below) (Thanks)

The online tool and the download tool from the ls site to convert osm
file to ls file did not work. It looks as if the script expects another
file tree than is in the package.

But I found a commandline tool that worked fine at:

I am working with Linux (ubuntu) so I downloaded the source and ran the
osm.py script from it. 
	$python osm.py --help 
wil produce the manual
(You will get a fileprmission problem for a log file, it wants to write
it to /usr. cd to an usb drive, run the script from there and it will
write the log file there.)

I guess the .exe file  will work fine too.

I converted the Netherlands with it. The osm file was 10GB, it took 2
Import the resulting Ls database into LS on your phone (took an hour)
The ls file with only crossings was 28Mb.
And it works nicely.

Hope this helps.


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I have used both

To split the files further you need for example the osmosis utility,
information at

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  rj kirjoitti
> Hello list,
> The link from the 'OSM Download Link generator' from the 'OSM to
> Loadstone Converter' does not work
> In the list archive there are problems reported with the server a few
> years ago.
> How can you download the data from the OSM site for a larger area
> city, country)? If you select 'export' on
> and select the area of Amsterdam it returns an error message and
> you to the planet.osm file.
> How do you download the planet.osm file and how do you extract the
> you want from it?
> Robert

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