[Loadstone] How to download osm file

Paulo Augusto pauloaugustoamigos at yahoo.com.br
Thu Apr 26 18:59:27 BST 2012

Now I've found the generate function on the off line tools but I get the following message

Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061) in C:\loadstone\htdocs\tools\osm\index.php on line 142
Cannot connect to database
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  Hi listers,
  I've used loadstone for about a year.
  Now I'm trying to get a new osm file, but now with only the crossing street points.
  About one year ago I was able to download the osm file for 50 kilometers around my city.
  Now I can't download the file.
  I'm trying the on line tools because when I open the off line tools I cannot find the geocoder option.
  I'm using internet explorer 8. Maybe that's the problem.
  I opin the geocoder page in loadstone web site.
  I fill in the email adress and my adress, etc.
  I press enter and I get two options.
  1 direct download
  and 2 retrieve via osm site 
  The first option says internet explorer cannot opne the page
  The second option opens osm site.
  I click export.
  I click xml data
  Here I get tree check buttoms that are not checked.
  The screen reader does not read wich are these options.
  If I remeber well, it's related to choosing only crossing points, etc.
  If I check the first option the export buttom becomes available.
  Here I get a file called map.osm but it has just 3 mega bytes.
  It's much smaller than the 50 kilometers file that I've got a year ago, wich had 38 mega bytes.
  Any help please.


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