[Loadstone] Latest LS version and E6.

Miranda miranda.ter.hofstede at gmail.com
Thu Apr 26 08:19:40 BST 2012

Hello Kitt,

To your first question: yes, 0.74 is the latest version of Loadstone.

And secondly, I have the E6 as well, and I don't have any problems with
searching for points. After entering the search text, I just press the left 
softkey to start searching.

Did you recently change something on your phone? For
example, did you upgrade from Symbian Anna to Belle?
I'm asking this because, since I upgraded my E6 to Belle, I sometimes have
problems pressing the ok button in other applications than Loadstone. When
this occurs, it always helps to just restart my phone. Is the problem still
there after you restart yours?

Kind regards,

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> Hi All,
> 1. Is 7.4 the latest version of LS?
> 2. I am Nokia E6 user.  After using LS on my mobile for quite a while, I
> just noticed today when we find / search for a point, after entering our
> desired search text, we cannot proceed with the search. Pressing select or
> even enter key will not start the search. Have felt all around the screen
> and cannot find anything to proceed.
> If the latest version is not out yet, is it possible to suggest an Ok for
> softkey-1 and Cancel on softkey-2 feature here?\\
> Any other E6 user here with any suggestions to overcome this pls?
> Thanks,
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