[Loadstone] new remove from data base feature

Ömer Yesiltas yesiltas1981 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 28 05:04:27 BST 2011

Hi, I am using large amount of data bases on my loadstone. So, sometimes i need to remove some data from the data base. the data base may become sluggish and loadstone does not respond on time. Can a remove from data base feature be added to the data base sub menu? It can be like import function, when we select remove from data base, loadstone will want us to select the data base file, then we will select one of the txt files that we added to the data base before and all the content of that file will be deleted from the database. 
Because, large data sometimes cause the data base to be corrupted, thus we need to reimport all the data. 
Another wish, can we have a feature that allows us to check all the results when we made a search? I mean, to check all the items to make checkpoints. 
and last one, i want my loadstone to remember my last locked point or points, thus i do not want to search the points manually every start. Can we have a locked points file that we can choose one of the points? for instance, we may have a feature called select locked point, when we click it, loadstone may display the stored locked points in this file and we choose one of them to use. These features may really be great for me. 
This is not actually a feature but, i want to ask, it also may be handy sometimes. Can we add phone numbers to the points? We may have a phone number field for the point and when we add it, we may call the relevant place directly through loadstone. 
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