[Loadstone] Fw: new hotkey functions (fwd)

Ari Moisio arimo at iki.fi
Tue Sep 27 06:04:05 BST 2011


Sorry for re-post, i didn't see my original msg in the list.

There are some function i'll like to see at the keymap configuration tool:

- Check/uncheck a latest point.

- Update latest point location with single keypress.

- Set phone's time to gps time with single keypress (iirc this features was on 
some older version of LS).

- Send current location with SMS to fixed/user entered number.

Logging toggle with predetermined name or name from a variable.

- A new variable, closest point name.

Also some events  that  also will trigger a shortcut function:

- If speed drops below  treshold speed.

- When speed increases above trehsold speed.

- When user has moved certain distance from previous location this even 
has been triggered.

- Periodically.

- When cell id changes.

Also a simpler http command that will  directly  shend the given url to 
the http server and display the result instead of starting the browser. 
For example

GET http://example.com/loadstone.cgi?lon=x.xxx&lat=yy.yyy&cell=1234:abcd

will result

content-type: text/plain

Cell 1234:abcd addad to  shard cell database.


This will make expanding the LS functionality much easier.

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