[Loadstone] loadstone on mobiles with taching screen

kamil midzio zombie at tkdami.net
Wed Sep 14 11:57:01 BST 2011

2011-09-14 12:06, yesiltas1981 at gmail.com Wrote:>

> Hi, i also use ms sometimes, especially for web and nokia maps. But i did not try using loadstone on touch screen with ms keypad mode. The only problem for me is, i can not detect the location of key1 during point search. The ok button isnt located on the left bottom or a little upper part as in other apps. I use talks side keys functions to focus the soft keys at that moment. It should be good if we also can assign the soft keys as 2 of the physical keys like ms does. In that case, you even do not need to use touch screen. -----------------------------
> From:	"Miranda"<miranda.ter.hofstede at gmail.com>

Ls with mobile speak is working good.
With talkks hmmm... i instaled it yesterday, but i think that i will 
work correct.
My phone told me, that this aplication isn't compatible but it's working
Evvery functions I have activate via program menu but it works.
Btw. iI hope that programmers of loadstone will think about touch screen 
mobiles when they will do next released version of ls.:-)))
best regards.

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