[Loadstone] Automatic map selection

Ari Moisio arimo at iki.fi
Mon Sep 5 07:35:35 BST 2011

As mentioned earlier i'm working with automatic coversion from OSM to 
Loadstone map format. However there would be  some features that will help 
working with maps for separate areas:

- A feature to list  the database in order of prximity to  current or 
explore location: first the  maps that will cover current location and 
then nearby maps and their direction in relation to current location.

  Another, easier to implement way is to have some special syntax witth 
the name field of the map to load  a next map, for example name like
"load {{helsinki}} that will load database called helsinki if selected for 
example in area results. These 'index maps' are the build externally.

Third option are databases that will remember their source and were 
re-imported when the the source has been modified. This vunction will be 
started manually and  should if possible warn if the phone is not 
connected to the 

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