[Loadstone] Some feature wishes

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Mon Oct 24 23:39:13 BST 2011

The double click idea for keys is interesting. This would give more keys 
especially on those phones that don't have many buttons such as the newer 
touch screen phones. This cwould slow down the responsiveness of single key 
commands thoe since it would have to wait to see if a double click was about 
to follow.
I think the real solution to the routing problem is propperly sequenced 
routes. Trying to add all the information using a checkpoint's comment field 
presentes several problems. The first problem is it only accounts for a 
route in a specific order going in a specific direction. This means the 
system can't account for changes in the travel conditions, if you're 
approaching a checkpoint from another direction any hard-coded directions in 
the comment field are meaningless. The checkpoint logic doesn't follow any 
order so points could be announced out of sequence making any relative 
information unusable at that point. This also doesn't account for doing a 
route in reverse.
What's needed is a sequenced route system. Basically checkpoints with 
sequence numbers as well as some other information such as which direction 
of a route the point applies to. This way a route could be followed in 
propper order but also account for the direction or starting at a point 
other than the beginning or end.
I want to get this system designed propperly rather than trying to hack 
things on to the existing checkpoint system.

On Mon, 24 Oct 2011, Ari Moisio wrote:

> Hi
> Some additional functionality, hopefully not too hard to implement:
> - A new shortcut key modifier: doble click:
> if user presses same shortcut  key  rapidly twice LS could perform another 
> unction. For example:
> Single press  for gps time, double press for gps date or single press for 
> next checkpoint, double press for next comment and so on.
> Although there probably are  shortcuts enough for  each assignamble function 
> i have found it easier if similar functionality can be tied to same key: for 
> example  shorpt press to read out the tripmetre, long press to toggle the 
> state of int and shitfed press to reset the tripmetre.
> Another feature is for  manual route creation:  when user approaches a 
> turning point there could be a   single keystroke command to adde following 
> information to the checkpoint loist:
> - Sequence number, blank padded to ease sorting them.
> - Turining instruction, both relative and cardinal
> - Name of nearest point to the comment field. If there is not point nearby 
> leave the comment field blank.
> To thet the new direction from tthe  checkpoint LS have to wait untinl user 
> has moved certain distance (10 - 20 meters) from the checked point or there 
> also could be  a shortcut key for this purpose.
> Checkpoints will look like this, spaces int  the sequence number are marked 
> as underscores. Added comments in parenthesis.
> ___1 to northwest (home door)
> ___2 ahead to northwest (mailbox)
> ___3 turn left to east (examplestreet 8)
> ___4 turn left to north (examplestreet / mainstreet)
> ...
> __15 turn right to west (street 2 /street 3)
> __16 destination (shop)
> If user is standing still when entering the checkpoint there will be no 
> relative instruction, only the cardinal direction.
> Shceme is similar to gosmore-base route planner i'm working for.
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