[Loadstone] Fw: new hotkey functions

Peter Wendorff wendorff at uni-paderborn.de
Sun Oct 2 09:05:46 BST 2011

Hi Ari.

I'm very interested in that tool for loadstone export in our map web 
portal [1] (sorry, page is in German).
In a later stage we want to support export of routes to different 
navigation systems like our "own" LoroDux and the well known and widely 
distributed loadstone.

In the past I stumbled over exactly the same question: how to export a 
good loadstone route, that does not contain too much checkpoints (as 
that leads to noise and incomplete speech output), but contains enough 
to enable the user to follow the route.

I assume, a real route paradigm in loadstone, where points of the route 
have an order that is known and used in that semantic, would help to 
make the problem easier, but for now there's only the question which 
points to use as route points best.

Are you planning to make your tool free software? Which license do you 
have in mind for the case the tool will be released any time in the future?

Peter Wendorff


Am 02.10.2011 08:33, schrieb Ari Moisio:
> Hi
> I have made my first experiments  with the calculated routes and found 
> some problems with current checkpoint implementation:
> - I have to  use excessi ve number of checkpoints to  make sure next 
> point is always in front but still there is a risk to get lost simply 
> by moving a bit to wrong direction.
> -witt checkpoints only in the crossings where to turn the situation is 
> even worse: in densely poplated areas LS picks up random checkpoints 
> and of course announces the turning instructions  designated to that 
> checkpoint:-)
> This issue is  not unique to calculated routes: if one makes a manual 
> route there are similar issuess but of course on manual routes one  
> can optimize the chekpoint positions better.
> On my project: i have made a filter  at top of Gosmore routing engine 
> that filters out unnecessary roite points and  calculates relative 
> turning instructions and also cardinal directions to travel.   The 
> point names are form
> xxx: 2 o'clock to northwest
> where xxx is the sequence number of the route point and comments are like
> road_1 - road_2 (remaining distance to destination)
> where road_1 and road_2 are names of crossings streets if availagble.
> This project is still in alpha  stage  and currently covers only 
> Finland due server resource restrictions.

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