[Loadstone] Fw: new hotkey functions

Ari Moisio arimo at iki.fi
Sun Oct 2 07:33:05 BST 2011


I have made my first experiments  with the calculated routes and found 
some problems with current checkpoint implementation:

- I have to  use excessi ve number of checkpoints to  make sure next point 
is always in front but still there is a risk to get lost simply by moving 
a bit to wrong direction.

-witt checkpoints only in the crossings where to turn the situation is 
even worse: in densely poplated areas LS picks up random checkpoints and 
of course announces the turning instructions  designated to that 

This issue is  not unique to calculated routes: if one makes a manual 
route there are similar issuess but of course on manual routes one  can 
optimize the chekpoint positions better.

On my project: i have made a filter  at top of Gosmore routing engine that 
filters out unnecessary roite points and  calculates relative turning 
instructions and also cardinal directions to travel.   The point names are 
xxx: 2 o'clock to northwest
where xxx is the sequence number of the route point and comments are like
road_1 - road_2 (remaining distance to destination)
where road_1 and road_2 are names of crossings streets if availagble.

This project is still in alpha  stage  and currently covers only Finland 
due server resource restrictions.

mr. M01510 & guide Loadstone-GPS
hkp://wwwkeys.pgp.net B784D020
0C1F 6A76 DC9D DD58 3383 8B5D 0E76 9600  B784 D02

On Thu, 29 Sep 2011, Ari Moisio wrote:

> Hello Shawn
> Yes, i had to finally use the locked oint feature. but for average user it 
> would be easier if  he/she could advance to next route point with single key 
> press or even automatically when arriving to current checkpoint instead of 
> browsing all points around and tryint to find next  point in the route.
> I prefer to keep the auto announce on because if i  manage somehow to pass 
> the  checkpoint there will be no indication about  that any more.

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