[Loadstone] Future Releases

Polaris-17 djpolar at gmail.com
Tue Nov 8 08:58:15 GMT 2011

Why not to publish beta / test versions even unsigned? Some people have 
their own certificates. Or is there public resource repository?

On 2011-11-08 00:36, Shawn Kirkpatrick wrote:
> We hope to start testing a new release some time soon. We're currently 
> waiting for our publisher id to be renewed before we can do anything.
> The automatic announcing of the closest point is never going to happen 
> with the current system. People keep asking for this and the answer is 
> always going to be the same until a new database engine is found.
> Automatic announcing of the distance to the closest checkpoint or the 
> locked point could probably be done. This would have to be on an 
> interval of some kind since you wouldn't want it to announce for every 
> meter of change.
> The ability to play waves or other files in place of beep tones is on 
> the to do list. This shouldn't be too hard to do but may not be 
> completely reliable on all phones.
> On Mon, 7 Nov 2011, Dark Sight wrote:
>> Hello
>> Do we have to expect new releases soon? I'ts been a long time since
>> the last version released, and I wish it's not final.
>> I have feature requests too, hoping LS team wil consider.
>> Auto announce of closest point regardless if it's check or uncheck, so
>> I don't have to press center key time to time while traveling just to
>> monitor the closest point around. I have tuns of points all over the
>> city, it's not necessary to check them all and turn on auto announce
>> as a solution.
>> Or otherwise, auto announce of new closest point, when the current
>> closest point changed by other point closest than the current,
>> Loadstone will announce the new closest point.
>> This kind of feature is conveniently great for those who want to
>> monitor the points around while traveling.
>> Auto announce of checkpoints distance or locked point distance,
>> example: when the distance to the checkpoint or lock point drops to 50
>> meters, Loadstone will announce every changes happen to the meters
>> until you reach the point. looks like monitoring the meter distance
>> status. well, can do it manually by pressing center key rapidly, but
>> much better if automaticaly.
>> Lastly, assigning wav or amr sound files instead of beeping tones, I
>> don't know why only beeping tones, maybe to conserve memory. anyway,
>> just a suggestion.
>> Thanks in advance
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