[Loadstone] Future Releases

Dark Sight darksight2010 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 21:34:56 GMT 2011


Do we have to expect new releases soon? I'ts been a long time since
the last version released, and I wish it's not final.

I have feature requests too, hoping LS team wil consider.

Auto announce of closest point regardless if it's check or uncheck, so
I don't have to press center key time to time while traveling just to
monitor the closest point around. I have tuns of points all over the
city, it's not necessary to check them all and turn on auto announce
as a solution.
Or otherwise, auto announce of new closest point, when the current
closest point changed by other point closest than the current,
Loadstone will announce the new closest point.
This kind of feature is conveniently great for those who want to
monitor the points around while traveling.

Auto announce of checkpoints distance or locked point distance,
example: when the distance to the checkpoint or lock point drops to 50
meters, Loadstone will announce every changes happen to the meters
until you reach the point. looks like monitoring the meter distance
status. well, can do it manually by pressing center key rapidly, but
much better if automaticaly.

Lastly, assigning wav or amr sound files instead of beeping tones, I
don't know why only beeping tones, maybe to conserve memory. anyway,
just a suggestion.

Thanks in advance

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