[Loadstone] Phone Update Question

Stuart Foster stuart.foster at btinternet.com
Sat May 21 22:34:59 BST 2011

If you mean a complete ROM update of your phone, then, after you've applied
it, you'll need to re-install everything you have, including Talks/Mobile
Speak and Loadstone. If you are storing Loadstone's data in the phone
memory, it will be lost when you do the upgrade. If the data is on the
memory card, then it will be still there. But I would just copy it all off
to a PC, do the ROM upgrade, then start again with a clean memory card.
If you are totally blind, you will need sighted help with the ROM upgrade,
to make sure the phone is still working and to re-install Talks or Mobile
Please note I also own an N82 and have been through this process, though it
was some while ago.
Stuart Foster

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I have a Nokia N82.  There is a newer software version available.  Can I 
update it without affecting Loadstone?  If not, does anybody on this list 
have suggestions for dealing with the loss of Loadstone easily?  I will back

everything up before updating my phone's software.

Thank You,

Mike Hanson

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