[Loadstone] Loadstone installed to Memory Card.

Jacob Kruger jacobk at mailzone.co.za
Wed May 18 09:11:35 BST 2011

I've pretty much always installed to memory cards, and haven't really 
noticed any issues that I think were related to it, aside from the initial 
memory card that my N82 came with being a little imperfect, but that also 
meant that just used a card reader to format new card, and then copy 
everything over to new one easily enough, and phone didn't seem to notice 
that it wasn't same card at all, aside from lack of file corruption.

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> Hi all friends of LS.
> Anyone installed their LS program and maps into a memory card?  Can you
> please share whether you have any problem in using the program after
> installing it into the memory card rather then phone memory?
> Or it still work as good as installing into  phone memory,.
> Thanks,
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