[Loadstone] Future of loadstone after latest Nokia symbian announcement?

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Thu Mar 31 20:50:37 BST 2011

Hi All,

Apologies for not posting as often as in the past but life has gotten very 
busy.  I do however try and keep up with the lists and the Loadstone 
project is still receiving attention.  Like any project being managed by a 
small team, life sometimes gets in the way and progress can vary but I can 
assure you that we're still pushing Loadstone onward and upward with no 
plans of stopping.

I would also like to take this opertunity to clear up some 

Loadstone is in it's 7th year of development.  It has been developed 
specifically for Symbian Series60 handsets which is a fairly complex O/S. 
Because of this, porting it to other platforms would be cross between 
nearly impossible and very time consuming.  So if Loadstone or something 
like Loadstone is desired on another platform  (E.G Apple's IOS - with the 
huge range of choice that comes along with that - yeah right) then 
luckally Loadstone is OpenSource and someone can port it over.  I'm not 
saying we wouldn't consider doing it if the price was right but that it 
likely isn't going to happen any time soon for free!

As for the aligations and conjecture regarding Nokia..  Many people might 
expect  me to have some non-public information.  If I were to, it would be 
under NDA so I couldn't speak about it anyway but what has been tossed 
into the public domain as fact is:

Nokia is still actively developing Series60 devices with 150 
million  to 250 million still expected to ship over the next 2-3 years. 
These devices are assumed to incorperate a range of input methods: 
traditional keypad,QWERTY keyboard and touch-screen.  (choice is great 
isn't it?)  Nokia has also stated that they will continue to sell handsets 
running the Symbian Series40 platform well into the future with no plans 
on end-of-lifing it.  Loadstone doesn't currently run 
on Series40 but given they are the most popular handsets in the low/medium 
range  I'm including for completeness.

Nokia is not panicking.  They made a business decision they hope will 
increase their market-share  that will continue to keep them in the lead 
of the SmartPhone race.  Accessibility aside, Windows Mobile 7 is a pretty 
decent O/S and Microsoft promises that they will include accessibility in 
future versions.  Do I wish they had included accissibility in WM7?  Yes, 
but remember how much built-in accessibility the original iPhone and 
iPhone 3G had?  Now, let's hope that future releases of Android include a 
full-featured accessibility API  too!

Well, those are my personal thoughts representing only myself.  Time to 
dive off my soapbox!


On Mon, 28 Mar 2011, Shawn Kirkpatrick wrote:

> Loadstone will continue on symbian for the forseeable future. Nokia can change 
> the opperating system on its phones but that doesn't change what's on current 
> users phones. From what I can tell it looks like Nokia is in a bit of a panic 
> so who really knows what'll happen.
> If loadstone has to switch to another platform then that'll depend on what 
> platform has the best access technology. If that means we have to switch to 
> iphone or android or windows phone then that's what'll happen. This probably 
> won't happen for quite a while, the current and future symbian devices will 
> hang around for quite a while. This'll be especially true if there's no real 
> advantage to upgrading to the new devices or if the access technology takes 
> time to come up to speed.
> On Mon, 28 Mar 2011, Jared Stofflett wrote:
>> I was wondering what the future of Loadstone may be now that it looks
>> like SYmbian is on life support and will no longer be put on new
>> phones after 2012? See the following link for a discussion of Symbian
>> end of life.
>> http://www.i-programmer.info/news/83-mobliephone/2175-nokia-sends-open-letter-to-developers-about-the-future.html
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