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i forget the chipset of the external one i have at the moment.
though if limited to the n82, that tech is a few years old, or is at 
least on my unit, as the firmware of the phone wasn't touched since 
2008, then i got my paws on it and did all i could to keep it up to date.
i think the person that had it before didn't know this could be done.
anyway, in order to combat the older tech of the phone i did purchase an 
external gps device that pairs to the phone, and the general rule is 
newer tech will be better.
i've found the unit acquires a signal faster than just the phone itself 
and attribute that to it being newer than the phone it ties to.
this unit was sold from talknav, and right at the moment i forget the 
specific name / chipset of it.
so because i can't remember anything useful, i'll hope that something in 
this message was of use and i'll stop rambling now.

On 3/31/2011 10:54 AM, Jacob Kruger wrote:
> Have no idea what's currently available/best, but my holux M1000 that 
> got hold of roundabout 2007, to initially use along with my 6680 
> is/was pretty good.
> I do currently primarily just make use of the internal receivers of 
> either my N82 or N86, but that's partly since I generally use it along 
> with my guide dog, so perfect accuracy isn't always too necessary as 
> such.
> Stay well
> Jacob Kruger
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>> HI All,
>> Sorry for this elementary query.  I an using a Nokia N82 with
>> internal GPS receiver for Lodestone.  I find the accuracy variable, 
>> perhaps
>> up to plus/minus 15 yards.  Not usally a problem with signal.  Would 
>> I do
>> any better with an external receiver, and if so which would you 
>> recommend.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Philip
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