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Jacob Kruger jacobk at mailzone.co.za
Thu Mar 31 15:54:35 BST 2011

Have no idea what's currently available/best, but my holux M1000 that got 
hold of roundabout 2007, to initially use along with my 6680 is/was pretty 

I do currently primarily just make use of the internal receivers of either 
my N82 or N86, but that's partly since I generally use it along with my 
guide dog, so perfect accuracy isn't always too necessary as such.

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> HI All,
> Sorry for this elementary query.  I an using a Nokia N82 with
> internal GPS receiver for Lodestone.  I find the accuracy variable, 
> perhaps
> up to plus/minus 15 yards.  Not usally a problem with signal.  Would I do
> any better with an external receiver, and if so which would you recommend.
> Thanks in advance.
> Philip
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