[Loadstone] Slow fix on e72

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Wed Mar 30 02:20:36 BST 2011

Hi Heini,

Pls note that A.GPS is charge on connection.  So, if you have got your 
signal, go into GPS of LS and then disconnect gps.  After which you go into 
GPS again and  under find gps, this time, select Integrated GPS, this is 
free and since you have connected the first time, this time it will connect 
very fast as well.

Note that in LS, when A.GPS is check under Positioning Method of phone 
setting, you will be charge on data about 7-10kb once on connection.

However, in OVI maps which have no feature to select which gps to be used, 
it will automatically use A.GPS without you knowing.  It is also not like LS 
which will only use and be charge once but for OVI, it will be use in 
intervals and you will be charged continuously.

So, to play save, disable your A.GPS under positioning method of your phone 
setting.  Only check it again if need to use it.  Ignore this disabling if 
you are using unlimited data plan.

You could also change the Positioning Server option to "Ask every time" and 
not automatically.  With this changed, you will be prompt before A.GPS is 

All the best.

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Hello Shawn ,

Thanks for the description
The fix is now done within seconds

Br ronald
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