[Loadstone] Future of loadstone after latest Nokia symbian announcement?

Adhimoolam Vetrivel Murugan vadhimoolam at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 00:03:45 BST 2011

Besides, Nokia will be selling more phones before abandening the s60
platform all together. However as I understand, the latest version of
talks has been expanded to cover S3 platforms like the Nokia N8 and so
on. so I am just wondering whether future versions of loadstone will
include such models as well.


On 28/03/2011, Shawn Kirkpatrick <shawn at loadstone-gps.com> wrote:
> Loadstone will continue on symbian for the forseeable future. Nokia can
> change the opperating system on its phones but that doesn't change what's on
> current users phones. From what I can tell it looks like Nokia is in a bit
> of a panic so who really knows what'll happen.
> If loadstone has to switch to another platform then that'll depend on what
> platform has the best access technology. If that means we have to switch to
> iphone or android or windows phone then that's what'll happen. This probably
> won't happen for quite a while, the current and future symbian devices will
> hang around for quite a while. This'll be especially true if there's no real
> advantage to upgrading to the new devices or if the access technology takes
> time to come up to speed.
> On Mon, 28 Mar 2011, Jared Stofflett wrote:
>> I was wondering what the future of Loadstone may be now that it looks
>> like SYmbian is on life support and will no longer be put on new
>> phones after 2012? See the following link for a discussion of Symbian
>> end of life.
>> http://www.i-programmer.info/news/83-mobliephone/2175-nokia-sends-open-letter-to-developers-about-the-future.html
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