[Loadstone] Captia on OVI store.

Dale Leavens dleavens at puc.net
Fri Mar 11 03:46:21 GMT 2011

Something happened to my version of Y-browser so I went looking to get another copy and put it on my N73. I don't remember having to use the Nokia OVI store last time I did this nearly a year ago now but I don't see another choice now and it looked like I could have it sent directly to my phone for two bucks so I decided to try.

In order to do that one needs to create an account.

It turns out that there is one of those damn captia barriers for confusing automated systems.

I couldn't find an alternative audible or other means of circumventing this barrier, is there one?

Is there an alternative download site which does not require passing a captia?


I wish I had the ability to write software which would take care of moving map files from the computer directly to the Loadstone map directory without all this complication. I can't seem to get it all coordinated enough to have maps ready and functional before I travel which really limits the usefulness of loadstone which would otherwise be a pretty useful programme.

Dale leavens.
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