[Loadstone] Feature wish

Ari Moisio arimo at iki.fi
Fri Jun 3 16:57:19 BST 2011


It would be useful if  the logging_toggle keyboard command could also have 
a parameter, for  example a timestamp with variables.

Iirc there was also a keyboard command to set the phone's clock but has it 
been removed for some reason?

It would also be useful to have a  input variable, something like
where prompt is displayer to the user  and the text user enters is is 
place to the value of this 'variable'.

mr. M01510 & guide Loadstone-GPS
hkp://wwwkeys.pgp.net B784D020
0C1F 6A76 DC9D DD58 3383 8B5D 0E76 9600  B784 D02

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