[Loadstone] I-Blue 737a+

Michael O. Hanson mhanson at winternet.com
Thu Jul 21 15:01:34 BST 2011

    Hi Dave:

If you mean the I-Blue 737a+, I used it along with Loadstone to hike the 
Appalachian Trail last year.  That receiver is as good as it gets in my 
opinion.  Its battery will last for up to a week when used intermittently 
and gets signals even in some buildings.  I don't know anything about the 
I-blue 737A.

In the US, you can order it from Amazon, Semsons and similar websites. 
Google that particular receiver and you'll find plenty of places where you 
can order it.  If you are not from the US, I don't know where you can order 

If you can't find that receiver for some reason, the Holux M-1000 is not 
bad, assuming they still sell it.  Other people on this list might know of 
other alternative receivers.

Hope this helps,

Mike Hanson

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