[Loadstone] using loadstone with mobilespeak

Petr Řehák peersoft at seznam.cz
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i am also having the same problem on my Nokia E52. I have managed to eliminate it for most of the time by creating the LoadStone profile, setting speech delay to 0.1 (other values might work too) and assigning this profile to LoadStone so that it is being used automatically in LoadStone. Hope it helps.


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Hello, İ am sometimes trying to use loadstone with mobilespeak. İ am using latest loadstone and ms5.5 latest version. Mobilespeak does not give responses like talks on loadstone window. For example, when i press 1 for heading and speed, talks immediately responses. after i press for example 5 for next check point, talks again responses fast. But while using mobilespeak, when i press 1, it announces the heading and speed, when i press 5 it again announces the heading and speed again. İ have to press 5 again to learn the next check point. So, mobilespeak does not update the info on time. Or, there should be a compatibility issue with ls shortcuts. İs there anyone facing this?


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