[Loadstone] converting nokia lmx to loadstone format

Jacob Kruger jacobk at mailzone.co.za
Thu Jul 7 08:01:26 BST 2011

It just worked fine for me testing it now with an LMX file sent to computer from my N86, with something like maps 3.3, and I uploaded the LMX file to here:

I then downloaded the result, zipped that text file up into a standard zip file, bluetoothed it back to my phone, opened the zip file from messaging inbox, extracted text file to loadstone's importExport folder on phone memory, and imported it into a database using options-database-import database menu item, etc.?

I often enough use the LMX converter when people give me GPS coordinates for something, since I can then go and edit an LMX file to change it's cooordinates since they're actually text/XML files, before doing the conversion for loadstone, or even just sending modified LMX file back to phone for use in nokia/ovi maps, etc.

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Subject: [Loadstone] converting nokia lmx to loadstone format
   From: siva prasad <prasad.modu at gmail.com>
   Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2011 11:37:34 +0530
     To: loadstone at loadstone-gps.com

>Hai all, now a days hope nokia lmx to loadstone format converter is
>not working, is there any other tool or option to convert nokia land
>marks, suggest me if any.
>with warm regards
>siva prasad.
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