[Loadstone] loadstone on n97 mini

Shawn Kirkpatrick shawn at loadstone-gps.com
Wed Jan 19 03:42:42 GMT 2011

I have one of these phones for loadstone development and you're right in 
that you have to have the keyboard exposed in order to use hot keys. The 
screen doesn't flip up like a laptop but slides sideways to the right and 
then you turn the phone to use the keyboard. When the screen is open it does 
tilt up slightly so it does make the phone a little thicker and bulky. I'm 
working on a method to use the touch screen on this phone but I'm not 
exactly sure how that's going to turn out yet. For the moment thoe I 
wouldn't recommend this phone for use with loadstone. It works but the user 
experience will not be what it would be with a traditional phone. I'd say 
this about the entire touch interface in general.

On Wed, 19 Jan 2011, Kit wrote:

> Hi Omer,
> So, while using it, you have to keep the screen up, exposing the keyboard, like a lap top right?
> I personally will never get use to such usage especially in public places.
> Regards,
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>  Hi all, i have been trying loadstone on an n97 mini phone for a few days.
>  This phone is a touch phone and has a qwerty keyboard.
>  It also has the 4 way navigation keys.
>  I have installed loadstone to this phone and it works well. since it has a keyboard, you can control the program with the keyboard shorcuts.
>  You only need to click the options or exit buttons using screen.
>  other functions can be used easily without need of touch screen.
>  for those who wish to try on n97 mini or who wish to buy that phone can buy it.
>  It has a simple interface and touch screen is not so hard to use.
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