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S. Massy lists at smassy.andropov.org
Thu Feb 24 00:23:11 GMT 2011

On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 09:35:16PM +0100, Norbert M?ller wrote:
> So my question to the developpers or possible future developpers:
> What can we expect regarding the future of Loadstone? Will we have
> to keep our old Nokia phones forever, if we don't want to be without
> Loadstone, or can we expect Loadstone on another platform?
I'm in no way connected to the LS project, but I thought I would take
this opportunity to clarify what appears to be a common misconception.
Symbian programmes are written using a dialect of C quite specific to
the platform, so that "porting" an application requires far more effort
than porting an application from one closely related OS to another
using the same UI toolkit. We're talking about major rewrite here, if
not complete.

This said, I love the philosophy behind Loadstone, which is flexible and
encourages exploration/preparation/experimentation, unlike other GPS
apps, and I hope we might see an incarnation of it on Android or some
other platform some day. I just think it's unrealistic to expect the
Loadstone developpers, most likely Nokia users themselves, to go through
the hassle of rewriting their application for a platform they don't even


> I am an avid user of Loadstone and of the iPhone; but I have not
> found anything for the iPhone which matches LS.
> Best greetings,
> Norbert
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