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Currently, if you using Mobile Speak, you can use all the points in OVI with 
no problem through Maps program.  I tried the demo of MS with my N79, loved 
it.  Just go into "My Position", stay there.  All changes of coordinate or 
road, MS will announce it automatically.  Even when passing underneath a 
Monorail station, cause of changed name from the road, it will announce it 
for me.  Couldn't have asked for anything better.

In fact, in terms of information of where roughly you are, OVI work better 
compared to Loadstone for now with MS access.  On Loadstone, I still have to 
enter points either manually or through tools.  The only advantage of LS is 
it could tell me the position and distance of target point while OVI just 
announce the location with no distance detail. However, another important 
plus point for LS is that other then knowing the nearest current point, we 
could also use Navigation key to see what's in front, back, left and right 
if all labeled.

Hopefully Talks 5.2 will have similar feature of auto announce when it will 
support OVI.  I will never switch over to MS just cause of OVI access.

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Is it possible? Loadstone with OVI Maps? maybe a good suggestion to
the developer of Loadstone.

It would be great if Loadstone and OVI Maps work together to help
blind using gps, or should i say Loadstone use OVI Maps files,
whatever possible.

Since Mobile Speak and Talks supports OVI Maps now, why don't
Loadstone do something too.
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